Audi Rentals in Houston


Weekday: $799/Day | Weekend: $999/Day

3-Day Weekend: $2699

Bringing Passion to Life

If you are attending a high-class event or gala and need to make a statement, show up in style with Dream Charters, one of the best exotic car rentals in Houston. Renting an Audi from Dream Charters will impress everyone that spots you behind the wheel, and it could change the way people see you in the future.

Audi For Rent in Houston

At Dream Charters, we want to turn your dream car into a reality. We want our customers to drive down the road with style and grace while generating a lot of buzz around them. We have collected an amazing showroom of exotic and luxury vehicles available for rent in the Houston area. Get behind the wheel of your dreams in style with Dream Charters.

The Future Demands Bold Action

Audi’s bold vision for the future is ambitious and they have thrown their hat into the electric car industry because sustainable electric driving is in high demand.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent An Audi R8?

You can rent an Audi R8 from Dream Charters for $899 per day during the week, $999 per day during the weekend, or for three days for $2699.

Luxury and Exotic Cars With Dream Charters


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