Frequently Asked Questions

Vehicle Rental FAQ

What insurance do you require?

You need a full coverage auto insurance policy with comprehensive and collision coverage that transfers over to a rental vehicle.

Premium luxury and exotic vehicles with MSPRs over $150K require bodily injury/property damage liability with property damage coverage of at least $300K depending on the value of the vehicles.

Standard luxury vehicles with MSRPs under $150K require bodily injury/property damage liability with property damage coverage of at least $100K depending on the value of the vehicle.

Our team will help verify your coverage and make any adjustments, if necessary.

What documents do you require?

A valid driver’s license and proof of insurance Your reservation deposit and rental fee are due at time of pick up.

Is there a minimum rental period?

No, there is not.

Is smoking permitted in the vehicles?

Smoking is NOT permitted in any of a Dream Charters vehicle, and is subject to a fee, which is mentioned in our vehicle rental contracts.

How old do you need to be to rent an exotic car?

You must be 18 years of age, with a valid driver’s license.

Do you deliver?

Yes, returning customers and 3-day rentals are eligible for free delivery.

Is a deposit required?

Yes, a $500 – $3,000 deposit is required to reserve your rental. Your deposit will be fully refunded after your vehicle has been inspected for damage. Your refund can take 2-5 days to complete depending on your bank.

Can I go anywhere with my Dream Charters rental?

No; all Dream Charters vehicles are strictly limited to a 30-mile radius from our offices. We remind our customers not to engage in any activity deemed inappropriate with the rental car. That involves racing, unlicensed driving, or any illegal actions.

Personal Driver FAQ

What are the Responsibilities of a Personal Driver?

A personal driver is like a chauffeur. They pick up clients at the beginning of their trip, and load and unload the clients’ belongings. They find the best route for the event or trip and get the client to their destination on time. Personal drivers also meet the needs of their clients during the duration of the trip, making as many stops as needed, and they keep the car clean and maintained.

What are the Requirements of a Personal Driver?

A personal driver must have valid personal and commercial driver’s licenses, and a license to transport passengers. Prior experience is always an advantage as is a clean criminal record. At Dream Charters, personal drivers must look neat and professional, and they must be punctual and reliable. Also, a wide open schedule is always helpful.

Why Should I Use a Personal Driver?

Whether you’re trying to save money or you want to make a splash at an event, hiring a personal driver can do both at the same time. Limousines are becoming out of date, but a nice luxury car with a driver is always in fashion. Dream Charters has top-of-the-line luxury cars and the chauffers to get you where you need to go. Our drivers are always courteous, professional, and your trip is confidential. 

Car Rentals for Photo & Video Shoots

Can I Use a Photo/Video Shoot For Branding My Business?

Branding your business by using great photography is becoming increasingly popular, and an amazing set of professional images can help promote your business online. You want your images to promote your brand, and using Dream Charters’ exotic and luxury vehicles can show that your brand is unique and stylish.

What are Exotic Car Photo/Video Shoots Used For?

The perfect picture can last forever now that there are a plethora of social media platforms to choose from, and a photo/video shoot with expensive, exotic cars can be used for just about anything. 

Some brides have their wedding pictures taken with their dream car, and rappers and rock stars use exotic and luxury cars in their video shoots. Some business owners use these shoots to brand their business, and others just want cool pictures. When you need the right vehicle for your shoot, Dream Charters has a showroom full of the top exotic vehicles.  

Private Jet Rentals

Can Your Pets Travel on Private Jets?

Absolutely. Your pet dog or cat can travel in style just like you by never leaving your side. With a private jet, you won’t have to board your pet where they are placed in the belly of the plane. At Dream Charters, your pets are not considered cargo. We understand they are like family.

Are Private Jets Only For the Super Wealthy?

Absolutely not, and Dream Charters is making private flight affordable and available for anyone. Private jets can also be cheaper than a first-class commercial flight, depending on how many people will be flying with you. With a private flight, you obviously pay for the entire flight and not for each seat which means the flight can be more affordable per person if they are paying separately, or you could pay for the whole flight yourself. 

Where Can Private Jets Land?

A private jet can land just about anywhere. Whether the airport is international, regional, or domestic, private jets can easily land there without any hassle. However, flying into a smaller, more regional airport is sometimes better than dealing with the congestion of a large international airport. Getting the client to their destination in style is our main goal, and Dream Charters will pick them up and take them home in one of our luxury or exotic vehicles.

Why Choose Us For Luxury Car Rental in Houston?

Here at Dream Charters, we believe in turning dreams into a reality. Style, grace, and grandeur should be readily available and within arms reach. That is why we have gathered a marvelous collection of exotic and luxury vehicles available for rent. Get behind the wheel of your dreams with Dream Charters.

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