Dream Charters Featured on Fox 26 News

Here at Dream Charters, we’re used to catching the attention of the community with our exotic cars, but usually it’s the attention of drivers and pedestrians on the street. Recently, however, we caught the attention of the local news as well.

Dream Charters is excited to have been featured on Houston’s Fox 26 News last June, when we got to show off our fleet to local reporter Ruben Dominguez.

Dream Charters stands out from the competition due to the size of our fleet and the fact that we’re always updating our inventory.

“We’re always trying to bring in new inventory,” says owner Taha Hashmi. “That’s always the goal, is to bring the latest and greatest cars to Houston.”

We dream of helping Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin residents drive luxury vehicles they wouldn’t normally have access to. Everybody deserves to drive the car of their dreams at least once – whether it’s for a birthday, an anniversary or other date, or for your wedding getaway car.

Additionally, we help commercial clients who need cars for music videos, photoshoots, or just to impress important clients on business meetings.

“They can come online, they can come in person,” says Hashmi. “What you need is full coverage insurance and a driver’s license. You’re looking at anywhere from about $500 to $2000 a day.”

A small fee compared to the price of purchasing one of these rare and valuable vehicles.

We also offered 10% off to viewers of the Fox 26 special last June.

The Fox 26 team seemed to have a blast checking out all of our great cars and, and you can watch the video here. Fair warning though, we’ve already upgraded many of the vehicles in the video to newer and nicer models.

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